Electric is here. And here to stay.

Thought recent years, we have seen an increase in conversations regarding electric vehicles. Whether sceptical about it or not, it is clear that electric is here to stay for good.

Manufacturers are now revealing their electric vehicles after years of development, and the electric transition has truly begun.

With the UK government bringing forward the deadline for the sale of combustion engine vehicles, it is more and more important for consumers to start the transition into the new technology. But some are still not budging. A lot of customers that we contact are still concerned about range anxiety. Although much less common than 3 years ago. It’s seems like the main concern now is the lack of charging availability. So can this worry be removed from the buying decision process?

We now have the luxury of pushing the fact that these shiny new vehicles can travel the same distance as an internal combustion engine. This seems to be another worry checked of the list.

We have seen a fundamental change in the interest in electric vehicles from customers, where young, old, married, single, and almost everyone in between all ask about the new power of electric.

If you benefit from our services you will start to see more electric vehicle orientated reports, such as customer to electric conversions and overall interest.

So, with 34,734 electric cars sold in 2019, what’s on offer in 2020?

The brand new Peugeot e-208

The Audi e-Tron

Volkswagen I.D. 3

Honda e

Mini Electric

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