Getting The Most Out of Your Portal

A recent survey revealed that for companies that use a CRM, the average return on their technology investment is £6.82 for each pund spent. (Source: Nucleus Research)

It is evident that a lot of businesses do not use their customer relationship management system to the fullest extent. Users will use on average 40% of the functionality that a CRM can offer!

Let’s take a look at some of the things you could do to leverage the full extent of your Dealership Portal.

User Management & Statistics

This does not mean adding, creating, or managing users and their details. Where we see a lost opportunity is gathering statistics about the staff member. When a dealer assigns an appointment that we send their way, nothing is being done with that assignment. Well, what else can I leverage out of assigning Sales Executives to appointments?

  • Success rate. How good is each of your staff members at converting a customer to a sale?
  • Customer Satisfaction. Customer’s feedback to us about the quality of the appointment.

Appointment Availability

We provide an availability calendar for dealers to mark off certain days where they may not want us to send customers in. Things such as events, known busy days, and planned closed days.

Blocking out certain dates on this calendar will help in the reduction of no-show appointments, and customers dissatisfied with the cancellation of their appointment.

Ending Tracker

Our ending tracker is an exciting new report which will tell our dealers what customers are ending in the period selected. It will show if they have been appointed, if they have dealt, their ending date, and their latest note from us.
The ending tracker can be exported with the selected period data, with a white label design (your group and manufacturer logo), and sent directly to the manufacturer.

Customer appointment feedback

After an attended appointment, the customer is sent an email requesting to fill out some information about their appointment. This includes things such as;

  • Did you get a clear valuation for your current vehicle?
  • If so, what was the valuation given?
  • Did you get your settlement figure given to you?
  • If so, what was the settlement figure given?
  • Where you made aware of the options available to you?
  • Did you agree a next step?
  • If so, what is the next step and when will it happen?
  • Was the finance review helpful?
  • When are you looking to change your vehicle?

This kind of information is great to know what happened at the appointment and gives more information about an appointment than the 05-star rating that we ask the customer to rate their appointment as.

It not only gives you more insight but also allows you to see if the customer has misunderstood something. It may be that the customer has written that a valuation of 15k has been given instead of the actual 13k.
At this point, you would notice this and make sure the customer is given the correct information.