Our new Qualification & Sales system

We are very excited to announce, that our new Qualification and Sales system is now live! We have been working around the clock to ensure we can provide as much as we can whilst your customers are all home-bound.

This new Qualification and Sales system gives us the ability to renew your customers without you having to see them face-to-face via our usual appointments.
We can match customers to your used stock based on their finances, or if a customer is looking for a new build, we now have all models and trims in our systems.

What is the process?

  1. We qualify the customer based on their requirements.
  2. Customer uploads images and video of their part exchange
  3. We notify you that their vehicle is in need of a valuation.
  4. You confirm the settlement figure is correct, and value the vehicle based on the images the customer provided.
  5. We quote the customer and hand back to you to take the finance proposal, a deposit and to complete any upsells you may offer.

As mentioned, we have tried and tested the process, and are pleased to have sold the very first car!

As a celebration to the fantastic work the NHS has done, and the support we’ve all given by staying at home we’ve decided to offer this service to our current dealerships and their groups for free…forever! The only charges will be on a per-sale-basis, just as with any face-to-face appointments and deals we make for you. 

Not already one of our dealerships? Give us a call!
This is just 1 small part of what we do for dealership across the UK!

To get started or for more details, please send us an email at contact@retain.group, and someone will get in contact as soon as possible.

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