Three Key Business Ingredients – People, Processes & Systems

The key to making any business thrive is sticking to the basics (because they work!) 


Having the right people has always been make or break.  We’ve all experienced poor customer service from either the wrong person in the wrong job, or the right person with the wrong skills.  Whilst we are all experiencing reduced numbers of staff, it gives us time to ensure their skillset matches their role.  Your customers will be happier and more loyal if the people they are dealing with are the right fit for the job they are performing.


A good process only sees the light of day when a passionate person puts the effort into creating a roadmap with the finest of details. Having a process gives you clear steps and a standardised way to carry something out. It allows your staff to learn and navigate your business and know exactly what the outcome should be if the process is adhered to. Documenting the process not only in a visual way for your staff to follow but also in a detailed document, will allow you to try and test the process and make amendments where necessary. If your process is not documented, you have no baseline.

Take a look at this customer/staff facing process. It gives clear steps to follow the process.


In an age where technology can sometimes replace people, making sure your systems enhance what your staff is trying to achieve is essential.  A single person has a limited workload capacity, yet a good web-system can ensure your staff can reach their full potential by allowing them to handle more each day. 

Your software should automate monotonous processes and enhance the customer’s experience.  You can showcase your brand and your vision through your systems. 

Make sure your system creates meaningful data that can be analysed and highlight any areas of the business that could do with an improvement plan or the area that is exceeding expectations and can be enhanced further.

Don’t forget to pay attention to these three essential parts of your business during the current climate, rarely does a business do all 3 very well.  Having all three of these ingredients in place affords you the ability to have the best people operating a documented process on a system that powers your business.  By looking at these three pieces of the puzzle you’ll have a very clear idea of what you need to do with your business to improve and accelerate

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